• Logos

    business & personal branding

    Love for Wanderlust logo for a private traveling photographer

    Love for Wanderlust

    Private traveling photographer

    These logo concepts were created for a photographer that focuses on accompanying clients during travel so they can achieve the perfect shot while still enjoying their vacation. This logo concept sheet is delivered to each client after an initial meeting, where I gather information about the intended audience and desired look for the brand.

    Sunshine Meets Sunflower logo for a small business on Etsy

    Sunshine Meets Sunflower

    Small business on Etsty

    This brand's target demographics include young women and mothers who value custom vinyl decals, iron-ons, and t-shirts. My goal with this logo was to be bright, fun, and modern while still being simplistic for digital and printed use.

    Irony logo for a private photographer

    Irony Photography

    Private photographer

    This logo was created for a photographer who specializes in headshots and lifestyle images. Their instructions were simple: combine the word "irony" with an eye.

    Life Choice Solutions logo for a non-profit medical research company

    Life Choice Solutions

    Non-profit medical research

    Life Choice Solutions focuses on research and development of surgical procedures to allow the removal and implantation of fertilized fetuses into surrogate mothers. Based on their organizational goals, I incorporated their mission, and both pro-choice and pro-life parties.

  • Branding

    corporate identity and event concepts

    All Seas corporate identity branding package

    All Seas Corporate Identity

    Arts & Music Festival logo & branding theme concept

    Arts & Music Festival Logo & Theme Concept

    Yosemite National Park's 125th anniversary branding concept design

    Yosemite's 125th Anniversary Concept Design

    Spice Trader logo & branding packaging design

    Spice Trader Logo & Packaging Design

  •  Web Designs

    wireframes & banner graphics

    Web design banner for Clear Essence
    Web design banner for Clear Essence

    Web Banners

    Clear Essence Cosmetics

    As the Sales and Marketing Manager at Clear Essence, part of my job duties is to create most of the web banners displayed on the company website. Each banner must conform to the established branding guidelines, which include matching fonts, images, and graphic elements. In addition, photography, staging, and prop usage within the banners were captured by me.

    Web redesign banner Clear Essence

    Website Redesign

    Clear Essence Cosmetics

    I worked closely Clear Essence's web service & developers to update various parts of the web page. This improved user experience during their navigating and purchasing process. Updates for the website included photography, content, graphics, and the overall look and feel throughout the website.

  • Print Designs

    large format; magazine inserts; event invitations

    Magazine advertisement for Clear Essence

    Magazine Advertisement

    Clear Essence Cosmetics

    Throughout my years as the Sales and Marketing Manager at Clear Essence Cosmetics, I have created various sales graphics and advertisements for both online and print. My designs have been featured throughout the company's social media and website, as well as publications within the beauty industry. These publications include BNB, OTC, HypeHair, and Today's Black Woman magazines.

    125th anniversary poster for Yosemite National Park

    125th Anniversary Poster

    Yosemite National Park

    The objective of this poster design was to commemorate Yosemite National Park and its years of history. Out of 25 other designs, this piece was awarded Best in Show.

    2013 Student Art Exhibition for CSUSB RAFFMA

    2013 Student Art Exhibition

    CSUSB RAFFMA Mailer/Poster

    I was contracted to create the advertisement and theme of the 2013 Student Art Exhibition held by CSU San Bernardino Art Museum. In the original designs, I wanted to encompass all genres covered within this exhibition in addition to the universe background as a metaphor of the infinite realms that art can be taken to. As I simplified my work, I felt that the space and paint splatter overlay represented the combination of art and the infinite metaphor without explicit depiction of each art form.

    Birthday invitation for a private client

    Birthday Invitation

    Private Party

    This card is only one example of the many invitations I have created for birthdays, weddings, graduations, and more. Applying my designs to a specific theme or idea that my clients envision is a satisfactory task upon viewing the final cohesive product.

  • Photography

    landscape images; product shots; editing & color correction

    Promotional images for Clear Essence

    Promotional Images

    Clear Essence Cosmetics; February 2018

    Centerpiece of Clear Essence's Valentine's Day Promotions

    San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

    Golden Gate Bridge

    San Francisco; April 2016

    Slight color enhancement to draw attention to the Bridge

    Landscape shot of Baltimore City

    Baltimore City Landscape

    Baltimore, MD; March 2016

    "Baltimore" text on the tower was darkened to stand out

    Sunset, canoes, & trees

    Sunset Over Canoes

    Sillery Bay, Maryland; March 2016

    Some trees were removed for better focus on the subject of the image

    Product photograph

    Product Photography

    Skin Beautifying Milk with Alpha Hydroxy Acid

    Client requested product images on a clean, white background. Product digitally enhanced to improve legibility

    Before/after of photo manipulation

    Photo Manipulation

    Spa Resort

    Client requested photo be brightened and skin blemishes evened out for future advertising graphics